Azcende is looking for Australian early-stage startups looking to raise capital. Your technology should be focused on any of these technologies:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Internet of Things, Robotics/Autonomous Systems, Compute
  • EnergyTech
  • SpaceTech

Key Criteria

  • Technology Readiness Level(s) between 4-9 (but will consider TRL 3)
  • Understand how you’ll generate revenue
  • Ideally understand your key ideal customers (and their markets)
  • Technology of business that has meaningful scalability
  • Want to export your product/service(s) to the United States

Azcende’s investment mandate

  • Invest up to $2m
  • Looking to be a leading investor
  • Active contributor to strategy
  • Active support of business development
  • Extend expert network
  • Identify opportunities to advance humanity (positive social, environmental or governance impact)