Advancing humanity through the future of cities

With two thirds of the world’s population destined to live in an urban environment, there are a growing number of challenges and opportunities facing cities and the people within them.

National Security

Defence and industry as well as commerce that creates international attraction, via the use of emerging technology and economic growth.

Critical Infrastructure

Infrastructure vital for society needs, and infrastructure to develop and extend economic advantage.

We believe that emerging technology-centric business models forged in rugged and pragmatic operating conditions of Defence can more positively address social, environmental and the economic challenges of humanity. 

We support ambitious entrepreneurs to create shared value for business and the communities in which they operate.

We believe in shared value creation
that connects and accelerates human progress.


Emerging Technology

Successful companies adapt to dynamic market pressures and leverage emerging technology to serve the current and future needs for the future of cities.

Address the underlying cause, not symptoms: businesses that invest in technology that develops people and their capabilities, ultimately improving the quality of life to solve small and intractable world-wide issues.

Shift perspectives from scarcity to abundance: Emerging technology orientated towards ‘the impossible’ activate latent potential and will expand how people benefit from their environment, positively and radically, to address social, environmental and governance needs.


Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure should unlock human potential throughout all key stages of its lifecycle – from conceptualisation through to operation. Emerging technology can turn this obligation to solve fundamental human needs.


Defence and Industry

Technology from Defence and industry has been responsible for significantly improving the lives of all humankind.

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